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I am a certified Reiki Master who decided to call upon my intuition to create and work with crystals.

I offer REIKI in person or distant treatments.

I create natural stone jewelry infused with beautiful healing energy called REIKI.

I believe jewelry doesn't have to be only beautiful but also healing.

I make necklaces called Malas, originally used for meditation and prayer. I always work with 108 beads as it represents the sacred number in many traditions.

I also love to up-cycle jewelry to make something truly unique.

I support Canadian small businesses and order high quality natural stone beads, pendants and accessories.

My little 5 year old daughter Opal helps me with creations for children.

I put lot of love, joy and passion into my jewelry. 

My soul purpose is to serve others.

I am here to help you on your journey through the power of REIKI and crystals. 

I am here to help you to heal your beautiful body and soul.

I love you

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