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to indulge your soul, body and mind

Back Massage

Reiki Treatments

In Person Sessions: You will be indulged by a 60 minutes hands on or hands off (if preferred) Reiki treatment, Intuitive massage and Sound healing. 

Distant Reiki Sessions: You will be indulged by a 45 minutes hands off distant Reiki Treatment and Sound Healing

Custom made Jewelry

As much as I love my own creations I also love to work with your needs and wishes. Contact me and I will happily connect with you to get your perfect mala set


Ready to buy Creations

My best selling products are Mala Sets. They come with a 108 bead knotted Mala (necklace) and a matching bracelet. They are all hand made using quality natural stone beads and pendants supplied by small Canadian businesses. 

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