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This Mala and Necklace feels flowy like the ocean water. Turquioise always catches my attention:)

Crystals used: Turquoise, Howlite, Grey scenery Jasper, Grey Zebra Jasper Pendant

Turquoise is believed to balance extreme fluctuations of mood and dissolves an apathetic self martyring attitude. It also refreshes you when you are tired, down cast or exhausted. Turquoise protects you from sensitivity to outside influences. Turquoise is believed to stabilize mood swings and stimulate romantic love.Turquoise will help you with feelings of exhaustion, depression and panic attacks.

Howlite is predominantly a calming stone. It will aid in sleeping, calming the overactive mind, eases insomnia, dreaming, dream retention and stress relief. Physically, it calms the whole body and releases muscle tension.

Jasper is a very calming stone and stimulates the Root Chakra. Jasper is a wonderful grounding stone and can help pull one's scattered energies in to work where they are most needed.
The jasper healing properties bring strong healing and nurturing energies to provide you with courage and wisdom. A Picture Jasper stone is often referred to as the Stone of Global Awareness because of its deep connection with the Earth.





Ocean Mala Set

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